Domestic Violence Screening

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This screening tool is intended to provide information about your domestic violence risk level. Information about your domestic violence risk level can be helpful to identify potential power imbalances or worrying trends in your relationship. This assessment is not designed to be used as evidence of the existence of, or absence of domestic violence, and details of a person’s answers to this questionnaire will not be released to anyone.

Once we have received payment confirmation, you will gain access to the Domestic Violence Screening Tool. There will be a short survey available to fill out on your screen, and you will also receive a link to access the survey if you would like to complete the survey at a later time or send the survey to a client or contact to complete. Once you have completed the survey, a member of the Sagesse clinical team will review all responses and a follow-up phone call and/or completion letter will be received by the applicant within 7 business days. The cost for all assessments is the same regardless of the depth of assessment required.

This tool can be used by mediators and Family Law legal professionals as well to gain information about potential domestic violence risk levels in family law matters. In these cases, please note that screening results will NOT be shared with your family law professional unless you have formally given ByDesign permission.

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